The Benefits of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for the Private Sector

Organizations of all types are increasingly subject to data theft and loss, whether the asset is customer information, intellectual property, or sensitive company files. The federal government and, thus, its private contractors have long relied upon the National Institute for Standards and Technology (within the Commerce Department) to develop standards and guidance for information protection. One of the most important of these is the fairly recent Cybersecurity Framework, which helps provide structure and context to cybersecurity. Private-sector organizations should be motivated to implement the NIST… more

The Continuing Challenge of Cybersecurity Hygiene in Digital Health and Life Sciences

A recent issue of MIT’s Technology Review magazine is titled, “Look how far precision medicine has come.“ At least part of the premise is that personalized medicine or precision medicine is not perceived as having made the great strides promised nearly 20 years ago, when genome mapping was increasingly feasible and affordable. What is not up for debate is the extent to which life sciences and digital health firms rely upon increasingly distributed data collection and analytics. The data security challenges confronting healthcare delivery become… more